The Dangerous Blogger Workshop for Business Owners

Are you afraid of staying invisible forever?

You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into your business, but your competitors are better known than you are.

You can build the reputation you deserve. How? By discovering your “Dangerous Voice”.

What is your ‘Dangerous Voice’?

Leaders in any industry stand out. Ruffle the status quo. Challenge what’s possible. You can do the same – when you use your Dangerous Voice.

What is your Dangerous Voice? It’s when you say the things that need to be said, even if they cross the line and disrupt the status quo.

When you’re in touch with your Dangerous Voice, you’re connected to your authentic voice. Your Dangerous Voice helps you develop a platform that you can use in social and mainstream media.

Above all, your Dangerous Voice allows you to present yourself uniquely and powerfully to the rest of the world.

How does the workshop make sure I develop my Dangerous Voice?

At The Dangerous Blogger Workshop for Business Owners, I make four promises to guarantee you develop your Dangerous Voice:

1.   If you’ve never blogged before, you will write your first blog.

2.   If you have blogged before, you will write your most Dangerous Blog ever.

3.   You will leave with at least five ideas for more Dangerous Blogs.

4.   You will have step-by-step instructions for using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to build your platform.

As well, at the four-hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The answer to the question: what quest am I on?
  • How to find your inner Hero and see how your Hero is the key to your Dangerous Voice.
  •  How to Open Your Mind and come up with more ideas for Dangerous Blogs.
  •  Uncover your Limelight moments and fully leverage them to expand your profile.
  •  Master LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – while guarding your reputation! – so that you have a platform for sharing your authentic Dangerous Voice with the world.

Stop being invisible! Book your place at The Dangerous Blogger Workshop for Small Business Owners today.

But I’m afraid?

Three fears stop the people who need it most from coming to the Dangerous Blogger Workshop.

Fear #1: ‘I’m not ready.

It’s never too early in your business to start developing your Dangerous Voice.

‘We’re never really ready, ever, but you have to start. I did, that’s why you’re reading this. It’s proof of Katie’s ability to communicate ideas and get you to take action that just might change your life.’ – Timothy J. Eaton, CEO, MOJO Real Estate.

“=’Katie Mac opened my mind and my heart today to the possibility that my authority voice is worth valuing and sharing.’ – Jenni Mears, Heart Radiant Women.

Fear #2: ‘I don’t have time.’

Anything worth doing costs time and money, doing nothing, however, costs more time and more money.

‘Katie gets to the essence of your “why”. She challenges you to feel the fear and do it anyway. I am grateful for some timely guidance that has allowed me to define my future mission and Dangerous Voice.” – Kim McGuinness, Solo CEO.

‘Well worth the time and effort. Discover the real voice of your business and how to get it out there.’ – Damien Cerin.

Fear #3: ‘I don’t trust social media.’

The Dangerous Blogger Workshop shows you how you can have an authentic values-driven approach to social media that builds your platform and enhances your reputation.

‘I was quaking with fear when I pressed send on my first Dangerous Voice LinkedIn post.’ – Dr Joanna Hickey, Owner, Wellness Medicine

End your invisibility for good. If you feel the fear, book your place at The Dangerous Blogger Workshop for Small Business Owners today. Get ready to unleash your Dangerous Voice on the world and raise your public profile.


My name is Katie McMurray, but everyone calls me Katie Mac. My first career was in TV journalism. My second was as a publicist, owner of Katie Mac Publicity. As a publicist, I became known as Australia’s best business publicist. In 2014, I discovered my Dangerous Voice and now I mentor clients on how to build their profile through The Dangerous Blogger Workshop and the Partnered Professional Publicity Program.