I find myself in conversation with highly qualified consultants and business owners. They have MBAs and other exciting qualifications.

Conversations can go along these lines: “I’m finding it hard to define myself and articulate who I am. I think I need a (insert name of degree) Degree so the industry recognises me better.”

One said “I’m looking for the me that shines.” Then she suggested solving this by getting a brand new qualification.

Will another qualification help these people evolve into ME.3?

I have a confession. I beg these clients not to do another degree.

I tell them it’s time to do another kind of MBA.

I invented it and I’m naming it The MBA of Myself. I know it works, because I did it.

In the past two years I let go of most of the personal, social and professional constructs I’d boxed my life and business into. I had no choice. I was chronically sick and my (now) 18 year old publicity business was massively disrupted by the internet. It was a choice between disrupting myself or taking a job.

I needed to become someone else to get healthy. I needed to do something else to support my family. It turned out the two went well together. New values demand to be activated with new behaviours. And in business, an evolution has to engage the market. Anything less is fantasy.

Nature does this stunning thing. Have you ever seen the fast regrowth after a bush fire? Tiny green plants sprout in the blackest of landscapes.

People do it too. Have you ever had a nervous breakdown or chronic fatigue? Maybe you completely crashed after living a party lifestyle. This is your body’s way of saying, “Enough of that, let’s reboot.”

This time last year I was completing one year of Tantric Facilitator Training. After deep personal excavation and processing through eight residential retreats, I was completely rewired. Now I needed to integrate and the business was my first challenge.

Five months on, in July 2014, my previously disrupted business rose from the ashes. I’ve now integrated the tools I used into my own services.

If you love working for yourself, you need to be able to evolve and redefine yourself as required. My process takes courage. You will be moving through fears and resistance to refresh, re-envisage and newly articulate yourself.

There’s plenty more disruption to come for us all. Let’s get the head start.

On Feb 23 in Sydney and March 2 in Melbourne, I’m straight talking and sharing my toolbox for an aligned business and bold authority voice at my Business Owner’s Visibility and Cut-Through workshops.

Are you ready for a coach who can illuminate ME.3 and the ‘you that shines’?

If 2015 is your year for this, please join me in this small group (I keep it very real, with a maximum of ten business owners at each event).

Your investment is only $130 and but you’ll need to find 3.5 hours. Book here 

I promise to give it to you straight but I don’t hard sell. Morning tea will be delicious.

Love Katie
p.s. For the record, I seriously considered an MBA two years ago. Instead, I did MBA of Myself. Now I share it with others.