I was invited to a themed 40th birthday party. The theme was Hollywood Glamour.

That day, I visited the local op shop and found a fabulous dress. It was red velvet with a fur trim across the front. It was floor length, with shoe string straps.  I bought a cheap blonde wig at the $2 shop and was all set. As I put the dress on at home, I realised it had a slit at the back that went very high.

I looked over my shoulder at the mirror. Did I dare? I did.

I was out of my comfort zone, but everyone else would be as well.

That night, as I arrived and my taxi pulled away, I saw two people get out of a car and head in to the party house. They were in jeans and flannelette shirts. I made a quick joke, pointing out they hadn’t dressed up. “She changed her mind. It’s not dress up anymore,” they said.

I looked up. My taxi was still visible, but it was too late. Truth was, I was a long way from home.

I was going in.

As I walked down the side of the house, two people who were dressed up in the Hollywood Glamour theme were leaving. I was happy to see them, but where were they going? They said they lived nearby and were heading home to change.

Oh dear.

I got to the backyard. Yes, the dress code was pretty much jeans and flannelette shirts.

Now, this was not a party where I knew many people. I realised in those seconds that this could be the most excruciating night of my life or a lot of fun. That was up to me.

I decided it would be fun.

I walked inside the house to find my host. I was greeted by conversations stopping and stares. I took a big breath and called out to everyone, “Didn’t you get the memo? It’s a dress up party!” The ice was broken and I could laugh and relax.

Sometimes the very thing we fear, is the very thing we need to say yes to.

Here’s to living dangerously.